Introduction to "Design Thinking for Innovation" Workshop

Have you ever thought to stimulate Innovation and Creative Solutions for your business?
You will discover insights via human engagement, advance your solution via prototyping and generate surprising ideas!!!

We have a Design Thinking Workshop scheduled on Saturday, June 24, at Mount St. Joseph University, from 9:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m., that you, or someone you might know, might be interested in attending. The workshop teaches you the first phase of how to develop a business that is desirable, feasible, and profitable.

Prof. Joe Carter, an executive advisor with extensive international management consulting experience, will deliver the workshop. He is an expert at helping highly-driven executive leadership teams develop, execute, and leverage a portfolio of prioritized strategic initiatives. Additionally, because of his experience in teaching executives at an internal corporate university and in teaching Executive MBA's and MBA's at Xavier University's Williams College of Business, he brings significant value in helping executives develop the people, skills, and culture required to sustain long-term performance. 

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