A big thanks to everyone who attended and was involved in 2017 Spring University BrainSteer SLAM

Thanks to everyone who contributed to making the Incline Incubator, 2017 Spring University BrainSteer SLAM a fabulous success. In particular, we would like to thank Dr. Anna Goldhahn and all the Mount St. Joseph University staff for hosting the event. Additionally, we would like to thank all the business leaders from the Greater Cincinnati Area that contributed their time to provide mentorship to the teams during the event. We would also like to thank all the faculty members and staff from Northern Kentucky University, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati Christian University, Mount St. Joseph University, and Xavier University that participated. There are too many of you to name individually, but if it were not for your efforts such an outstanding event would not have been possible. In addition, thanks again to Joan and Frank Lenkerd (Primavista), Joe Henke (Henke Winery), and Roger Rose (BLOC Coffee Company), for providing three outstanding business challenges to our student participants.

Lastly, but certainly not least of all, thanks to all 30 student participants that volunteered their time, talent and effort to help one another and the business owners grow in so many different ways. Without your participation, there is no competition, so once again, thank you so much for your commitment and your contributions in both planning and making The SLAM! a reality.

The mission of the Incline Incubator is to help create new realities for college and university students and for the owners of low-tech profit and not-for-profit businesses. We create events and experiences to help one another grow profitably. We believe that connecting the students and the business owners to a singular point of focus in creative and stimulating environments will bring forth the talents and the gifts of all, to the benefit of all. This is only the beginning. Look for more SLAMS and for other such events to occur in the near future. For example, the Incline Incubator has a Design Thinking Workshop scheduled on June 24, at Mount St. Joseph University.

Are you an employer that is looking for top-notch talent? Then you might want to consider the winners of the 2017 University BrainSteer SLAM competition:

  • Patrick Foley – Xavier University
  • Akshit Jain – University of Cincinnati
  • Angela Baker – Mount St. Joseph University
  • Brandon Martin – Northern Kentucky University
  • Rachel Menzel – Cincinnati Christian University


Businesses and Students Selected for the Cincinnati, Ohio, University BrainSteer SLAM!

On Friday, April 21 and Saturday, April 22, @ Mount St. Joseph University, 30 hand-picked students from 5 universities located in the Greater Cincinnati region will focus on solving specific challenges for 3 outstanding businesses located in Price Hill and Westwood. The SLAM! is just one of the service offerings provided by the Incline Incubator to help existing low-tech businesses grow profitably. In addition to Mount St. Joseph University the other 4 universities participating in this event are: Cincinnati Christian UniversityUniversity of CincinnatiNorthern Kentucky University, and Xavier University Williams College of Business. The 3 outstanding businesses that presented the business challenges to the 30 students are: Henke Winery (rated the 6th best urban winery in North America), Prima Vista (rated the Cincinnati's best Italian Restaurant With A View), and the BLOC Coffee Company (opening at a new location in the Incline District).

So that's ...... 3 low-tech businesses - 30 hand-picked MBA and undergraduate students from the Greater Cincinnati region - 6 teams of 5 students each - 6 solutions presented to overcome obstacles to profitable growth - 1 University BrainSteer SLAM TEAM WINNER! A quote from one of the MBA students participating, "I love Cincinnati and I am always willing to do whatever I can to help us grow - additionally, I am very, very competitive."

Xavier University Incline Incubator Consultants

Paige Dolan, one of the Xavier University Incline Incubator Consultants introduces herself to the team from the HELP Program for Returning Citizens and the team from the JRAB Business and Coordination Center.  One of the Incline Incubator Consulting Teams will lead workshops for the HELP businesses in preparation for them to apply for capital loans from PNC.  Another Incline Incubator Consulting Team will help JRAB develop their key business processes in an effort to help connect their Resident Owned Businesses to CMHA and HUD business contracts.

A Perspective on the Child Poverty Collaborative and Guest Speaker Adam Kahane...

We had the pleasure of reviewing Lucy May, of WCPO Cincinnati,  perspective on fighting Childhood Poverty in Greater Cincinnati that we felt sharing it would have nothing but a positive effect on this continuous battle. Her review can be found here, along with a recent TEDx featuring Adam Kahane speaking. Enjoy the article? Want to get involved? Sign up Here We're always looking for new businesses to assist, and volunteers to help! 


As believer's of our own platform, we undergo consistent consulting from MBA's to consistently improve and build upon the strategic purpose. Tonight was the culmination of our second round of MBA consulting and the insights provided by Andrea Newman & Andrew Smith we're fantastic to say the least. From finalization of our new, and soon to come, logo to refining our direction and structure and recruiting of potential Finance & Marketing leads to support the shared service organization, the future for the Incline Incubator is bright. 

If this type of consultation and consistent Teaching, Inspiration and Pushing interests you then get involved and schedule an initial consultation meeting with us through the workshop sign up tab. We look forward to hearing from you, and seeing how we can support your business.

Incline Incubator Graduate Setting up Shop in Price Hill

The American Welding Society estimates there will be a shortage of nearly 300,000 welding-related positions by 2020. Therefore, it's with the utmost pleasure that we are able to give a sneak peak at an up and coming business, and recent Incline Incubator graduate, setting up shop in Price Hill in the vary near future. Focusing on custom metalworking, by providing high-quality design and maximum customer satisfaction this value driven Welding & Metalworking shop epitomizes the maker-style business which we believe can thrive in Price Hill, and beyond.

I had the pleasure of recently speaking with the business owner, and the enthusiasm and passion was evident throughout our conversation. From the feeling of empowerment and innovation that attending the Incline Incubator Workshops provided, to the extensive networking and shared services opportunities they discovered. Price Hill will be home to the newest welding operation in Cincinnati, and helping combat this aforementioned shortage of skilled welders.

In the meantime, keep an eye to the website as we release more information pertaining to this and other Incline Incubator graduates!


Incline Incubator in Action!

It's been nearly a month since the Xavier Pitch night, and our Incline Incubator businesses have been hard at work. From critiquing their business models, to helping with marketing, operations strategy and developing a more concise focus, the businesses and their associated MBA consultants have been hard at work. Throughout the course of this week, stay tuned for updates about some of these businesses and the success that they, and the Incline Incubator, have seen

Xavier MBA Pitch your Business Night

This past Tuesday, workshop participants had the opportunity to begin the second phase of the Incline Incubator; attracting MBA candidates to their business. From BloC Print, a newly established equine therapy center in Price Hill, to established businesses such as Easley Blessed Media, all had the opportunity to recruit the best and brightest in Xavier's MBA program.  As we embark upon this secondary phase of the Incline Incubator, we look forward to seeing these  businesses grow and thrive. Check out our past success,  here. If you're interested in participating in future workshops, we encourage you to sign up below.

Welcoming our Newest Partner: Mount St. Joseph University

We're proud to announce the newest strategic relationship for the Incline Incubator, Mount St. Joseph University. Located right up the road in Delhi, Mount St. Joseph has been serving the needs of students for nearly 100 years. We look forward to further building this already strong partnership, along with the intellectual might and innovation their students and staff will bring to the Incline Incubator.

Second Round of Workshops in the Planning Phase

As we near the end of completion for the first round of Incline Incubator workshops, the diligent planning has begun for our second round of workshops! We'd love to have you particpate, and encourage you to sign up at the link below. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us directly. We look forward to working with you, and bettering Greater Cincinnati while we do it!

Rounding the Bend with Workshop #3: Business Model & Lean Start Up

This weekend proved to be another successful round of the Incline Incubator Workshop Series, as both existing businesses and those with idea's pitched their current and prospective idea's to fellow group members. As the Workshop Series nears the end of classroom instruction, the focus now shifts to the MBA consulting portion of the Incline Incubator. Through the guidance, and real world teaching experience of Joseph Carter, prospective MBA's from Xavier's Small Business Consulting class will hear these same presentation's and choose whom they'd like to partner with moving forward. Truly setting the Incline Incubator apart from other organizations in the area, this dual learning/teaching approach of combining MBA's with small businesses will allow the businesses to reap the rewards of a fresh point of view while allowing the MBA students the real-world experience that is necessary in full immersing oneself in an MBA program. We look forward to seeing what can grow from this, moving forward, and cannot be more enthused about the great group of presenters that we have pitching their passions and idea's this upcoming week. More updates to come!

In the meantime, if you're interested in participating in an upcoming workshop or simply volunteering, visit us at www.inclineincubator.org 

Workshop #2; Your Strengths as an Entrepreneur.

This past Saturday, after all the snow thankfully  missed the Queen City, a dedicated group of business owners, idea generators and those striving to learn reconvened at the Price Hill Arts Center to discuss their individual Strengths. Jeff Halter, a recent Xavier Executive MBA graduate, and owner of HalterDesign, LTD covered various topics including Customer Segmentation and the importance, and difficult task of, keeping it simple when generating, implementing and focusing upon ideas. It's hard to believe we're almost half way done with this first round of workshops, but as we past this milestone it's important to think of all the insightful conversation and impressive idea's that have been generated in this short span of time. If you're interested in participating in future workshops, please sign up here, or simply want to volunteer sign up here.

The Incline Incubator on Cincinnati Edition

This past Thursday, members of the Incline Incubator and a former participant had the pleasure of sitting down with Mark Heyne of Cincinnati Edition.  Covering everything from the the current series of workshops,  to  past successes with companies such as Waterfields, LLC, and our vision moving forward. It was a true pleasure being able to speak with Mark Heyne, and wanted to extend our sincerest gratitude for those of you that listened in and sent us inquiries. In case you didn't get a chance to hear us, please follow the link to WVXU 91.7


The Incline Incubator's First Workshop Take's Place

After months of strategic planning, and a little added luck, the first Incline Incubator workshop took place this past Saturday the 16th of January. Focusing on preparation, Joe Carter & Ed Carl lead the conversation and the focus of what is your businesses "Sweet Spot" along with covering an overall focus for remaining workshop's. We want to first thank our fantastic participants who joined us to both better community by fostering a stronger business community in Price Hill.  We look forward to continuing the journey with this fantastic group of businesses and idea generators. As well, don't hesitate to contact us if you'd like to get involved through volunteering opportunities or participating in a workshop. 

Xavier Connect Event

The participants and attendees of the Xavier Connect event, this past December 8th, witnessed the power of unity when approaching opportunities within the greater Cincinnati Area. Guest speaker(s) Victor Garcia, Founding Director of Trauma Services at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, Dwight Young, Founding Director of BLOC Ministries, and Joseph Carter, Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Xavier, detailed the current factors contributing to generational poverty while communicating a mission and vision for  building up these communities. One such aspect of this vision is done through the upcoming series of Incline Incubator Workshops, taking place the from January 16th through February 6th. 

We wanted to personally Thank Everyone that took time out of their busy schedule to attend this event, and to Katherine, Heather and Stephanie for pulling off a flawless execution of the Xavier Connect Event. We would love to hear from you with any insights, comments or suggestions. As well, we'd love to have you volunteer and help us with the upcoming workshops. We look forward to hearing from you.