Rounding the Bend with Workshop #3: Business Model & Lean Start Up

This weekend proved to be another successful round of the Incline Incubator Workshop Series, as both existing businesses and those with idea's pitched their current and prospective idea's to fellow group members. As the Workshop Series nears the end of classroom instruction, the focus now shifts to the MBA consulting portion of the Incline Incubator. Through the guidance, and real world teaching experience of Joseph Carter, prospective MBA's from Xavier's Small Business Consulting class will hear these same presentation's and choose whom they'd like to partner with moving forward. Truly setting the Incline Incubator apart from other organizations in the area, this dual learning/teaching approach of combining MBA's with small businesses will allow the businesses to reap the rewards of a fresh point of view while allowing the MBA students the real-world experience that is necessary in full immersing oneself in an MBA program. We look forward to seeing what can grow from this, moving forward, and cannot be more enthused about the great group of presenters that we have pitching their passions and idea's this upcoming week. More updates to come!

In the meantime, if you're interested in participating in an upcoming workshop or simply volunteering, visit us at