Incline Incubator Graduate Setting up Shop in Price Hill

The American Welding Society estimates there will be a shortage of nearly 300,000 welding-related positions by 2020. Therefore, it's with the utmost pleasure that we are able to give a sneak peak at an up and coming business, and recent Incline Incubator graduate, setting up shop in Price Hill in the vary near future. Focusing on custom metalworking, by providing high-quality design and maximum customer satisfaction this value driven Welding & Metalworking shop epitomizes the maker-style business which we believe can thrive in Price Hill, and beyond.

I had the pleasure of recently speaking with the business owner, and the enthusiasm and passion was evident throughout our conversation. From the feeling of empowerment and innovation that attending the Incline Incubator Workshops provided, to the extensive networking and shared services opportunities they discovered. Price Hill will be home to the newest welding operation in Cincinnati, and helping combat this aforementioned shortage of skilled welders.

In the meantime, keep an eye to the website as we release more information pertaining to this and other Incline Incubator graduates!