Here's just a small sampling of the incubator success stories


waterfields, llc

Waterfields’ social mission is paramount: To give jobs to hard-to-hire residents of low income neighborhoods and provide them with wages that are sufficient enough to help them support their families. In doing so, Waterfields believes it can help break the cycle of poverty, contributing to healthier, more peaceful communities. 

“Waterfields is a catalyst for community transformation,” said marketing director Daniel Klemens. “It’s why we started the business and why we’re working so hard on Waterfields’ continued growth.”

Henke Winery

At Henke Winery it all starts with family. As Joe’s love for wine making grew so did the number of people who encouraged him to begin making wine professionally. When this encouragement started coming from professional vintners, the flame was fanned and empowered Joe to create the legacy of the Henke Winery. Locally, Henke Winery has been voted the best wine shop in Cincinnati.


J-Rab vision is to collectively protect tenants rights with a no-nonsense approach, while promoting self determination to resolve any issues and to also encourage a sense of humor as we strive to bring a smile to each resident’s face with every interaction. MBA Xavier students have worked with J-Rab to strategize actions for profitable growth. J-Rab team said “For Residents by Residents”. I believe it’s a great opportunity to empower lives and make a difference in Cincinnati community. 

One good turn

One Good Turn uses local and exotic woods to create unique one of kind goblets, wine stoppers, bowls, ornaments and more. Local woods are primarily from threes that would otherwise end up in a fireplace or scrap heap. One Good Turn trains urban, community people in the same high-end skills of turning, along with professional business and leadership practices.

Its mission is “Reclaiming Wood, Reshaping Lives and Restoring Citizens”