University BrainSteer SLAM

This event uses a proven approach that unleashes creativity and inspire high-impact ideas

Friday, April 21 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM and Saturday, April 22 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Mount St. Joseph University

5701 Delhi Road, Cincinnati 45233

Who: This event is open to existing low-tech/maker and service-type businesses located within a 5-mile radius from Price Hill that are interested in profitably growing their business. Most importantly this event is open to hand-picked University and College students from throughout the region. The Incline Incubator is taking the lead on this unique opportunity. 

What: 3 low-tech / maker or service-type businesses will be selected and have an opportunity to engage with two out of six 5-teams of students from area Universities and Colleges that will develop and present solutions to their business challenge. The 5 teams will consist of one student from each of the following institutions: 

  • Cincinnati Christian University
  • University of Cincinnati
  • Mount St. Joseph University
  • Xavier University
  • Northern Kentucky University

At the beginning of the event on April 21, the business owners selected will present a key business challenge (or small sub-set of issues) that is (are) inhibiting their ability to profitably grow their businesses. In addition to presenting the challenge the business owners will also present the criteria they will use to select the most effective solutions presented to them by the 5 student teams. The student teams will have 12-hours to develop and present 3 solutions that fit the business owners solution selection criteria. 

3 low-tech / service or maker-type business 
3 narrowly-focused business problem
3 specific set of solution-selection criteria
5 student teams
5 solutions

Where: Mount St. Joseph University

Benefits for The Universities and Colleges:

  • Provide an opportunity for students to learn a method employers value
  • Opportunity to leverage similar events to attract and retain students
  • Opportunity to develop relationships with faculty throughout the region

Benefits for The Local Business Community:

  • Learn how to apply and leverage a problem solving method that helps create profitable growth
  • Creates an opportunity to leverage BrainSteer events to attract businesses to the area
  • Deepen a sense of community by helping others grow