Equipping People to Build Businesses that Strengthen Communities


Our Mission

The Incline Incubator is a Non-Profit organization whose focus is to launch and grow low-tech maker-type businesses to help create jobs and wealth for the local community.


OUR vision

The Incline Incubator will eradicate generational poverty and strengthen communities by catalyzing entrepreneurship.


Our Process

Through a series of four workshops, and through the advice and assistance of community focused MBA students, we are focused on assisting in the starting, building and sustaining of a well rounded business. As well we offer a network of dedicated mentors, in conjunction with a network of shared service providers, in accounting, marketing, sales and operations, to ensure success at every level of startup


The Incline Incubator is pleased to partner with Xavier University to offer this series of Entrepreneriual Workshops where you will receive:

  • The opportunity to win a cash prize towards starting or growing a business in Price Hill
  • A mentoring Network
  • Strength Finder book
  • Ability to compete for MBA consulting.

By the end of this workshop, you will have an understanding of the Incline Incubator, our teaching series and how it can help you build a sustainable business.

Discover and learn about your own strengths as well as areas where you will need others to help you build and maintain a sustainable business.

You will have a general understanding of the nine components of a Business Model and you will know how to organize a Lean Startup event.

You will understand how to connect with your targeted customers to get them, keep them, upsell them