Are you a Small Business in Price Hill? You may be interested in 15-session workshop where we will teach you How to Build a Sustainable Business, Tools and Techniques of Strategic Management. We will keep you updated! Stay tuned!

Workshop # 1: Preparation


By the end of this workshop, you will have an understanding of the Incline Incubator, our teaching series and how it can help you build a sustainable business.

Workshop # 2: Harnessing Innovation for Growth


Discover and learn about your own strengths as well as areas where you will need others to help build and maintain a sustainable business.

Workshop # 3: Business Models and Lean Startup

You will have a general understanding of the nine components of a Business Model and you will know how to organize a Lean Startup event.

Workshop #4: Marketing

You will understand how to connect with your targeted customers to get them, keep them, upsell them